Grasso Refrigeration Compressors
Grasso Refrigeration Compressors
Grasso Refrigeration Compressors
We are engineers specialized in the fields of air-conditioning & refrigeration Systems serving The Nation & The World for the last 30 years.

We are Supplier, Dealer, Trader and Exporter of India Made Grasso Refrigeration Compressors in India which are specially used for Block-Flake & Tube Ice Plants, Fisheries, Fish-Meat-Vegetable Processing Plants, Cold Storage, Cold Rooms, Blast Freezers, Cargo Ship, Seafood Industries, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Tyre-Paper & Explosive Industries, Dairies & Breweries, Slaughter Houses, Dalda & Margarine Industries, Coca-cola & PEPSI etc;

The Grasso Compressors are manufactured in the Indian soil with Original License Collaboration from the Principal Manufacturer for the last 45 Years.

The Founder and Proprietor of SUMMIT ENGINEERING CORPORATION Mr. Sanjay Kumar Saha Started his carrier with York India Limited As an apprentice in their Heavy maintenance division wherein He had gone through the courses of Dismantling and assembling of Compressors, Overhauling of Compressors, attending to Break downs of Compressors and Systems And all the Troubleshooting of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration systems.

Later in the year 1968 He joined India's famous Industrial House KIRLOSKAR GROUP in the year of 1968 Who Manufactures GRASSO & COPELAND Air conditioning & Refrigeration Compressor India since 1958 with original license collaboration.

However, gradually he became Senior Service Engineer and finally became Manager Sales & Services for the Entire Eastern India in the year of 1978 and continued his service till 1986

We have in our Credit for the last 30 years to have supplied installed commissioned India made Grasso Compressors to various refrigeration plants as per the clients requirements to many Corporate

Organizations in India.We also have in our credit to have EXPORTED more than 100 India Made Grasso Refrigeration Compressors in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Uganda.

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