Carrier Compressor Spares
Carrier Compressor Spares
Carrier Compressor Spares
We are engineers specialized in the fields of commercial air-conditioning & industrial refrigeration Systems serving the nation & the world for the last 28 years.

We are manufacturer, Supplier, Trader and Exporter of replacement spare parts for Carrier Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Compressors Models :

5HSeries: 5H40, 5H 60, 5H 80, 5H 120, 5H 46, 5H 66, 5H 86, 5H 126

5FSeries: 5F20, 5F 30, 5F 40, 5F 60

6LSeries :- 6L40, 6L43, 6L45, 6L60, 6L 63, 6L 65, 6L 80, 6L 83, 6L 85, 6L

06LSeries :- 06LA009, 06LA 109, 06LA 209, 06LA 014, 06LA 114, 06LA 214, 06LA 018, 06LA 118,06LA 218, 06LA 028, 06LA 128, 06LA 123, 06LA 228, 06LH 009, 06LH 109, 06LH209, 06LH 014, 06LH 114, 06LH 214, 06LH 018, 06LH 218, 06LH 028, 06LH 128,06LH 123, 06LH 228

06E /06C Series : 06EA,06EB, 06EC, 06ED, 06EE, 06E2, 06E3, 06E4, 06E5, 06EM, 06ER, 06ET, 06EX,06EY, 06EZ, 06CC, 06C4, 06C8

06DSeries : 06D48, 06D 68, 06D 75, 06D 018, 06D 024, 06D 037, 06DA, 06DB, 06DC, 06DD,06DE, 06DF, 06DG, 06DH, 06DJ, 06DM, 06DR, 06DS, 06DX

05GSeries :- 05GX-37,05GX-41

05KSeries :- 05K12,05K 24

Carrier Compressors are specially used in all the air-conditioning & refrigeration plants, Offices, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Nurshing Homes, Schools, Colleges, Museums, Restaurants, Coffee House, Bars, Defense, Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, Radio Stations, TV Broadcasting Centre, Atomic Centers, Fish Freezing, Plate Freezers, Chlorine Plants.

The Founder and Proprietor of SUMMIT ENGINEERING CORPORATION Mr. Sanjay Kumar Saha Started his carrier with York India Limited As an apprentice in their Heavy maintenance division whereinHe had gone through the courses of Dismantling and assembling of Compressors, Overhauling of Compressors, attending to Break downs of Compressors and Systems And all the Troubleshooting of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration systems.

Later he joined India’s famous Industrial House KIRLOSKAR PNEUMATIC who manufactures GRASSO & COPELAND Air conditioning & Refrigeration Compressor in India since 1958 with original license collaboration.

However, gradually he became Senior Service Engineer and finally became Manager Sales & Services for the Entire Eastern India in the year of 1978 and continued his service till 1986.

We have in our credit for the last 28 years to serve companies like:

Hindustan Lever Ltd.,Dunlop (I) Ltd., Brooke Bond (I) Ltd., Flakt (I) Ltd.,ICI (I) Ltd., Kwality Walls Ltd. Many PEPSI and COCA-COLA Soft Drink Plants.Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Reserve Bank of India, Bokaro Steel Plant, Durgapur Steel Plant, All India Radio, Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd.,Metro Railway, Hindulco Industries Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Kesoram Rayon Kalyani Breweries Ltd., East Coast Breweries & Distilleries Ltd.,Shaw Wallace & Co. Bhubaneswar Dairy, Rourkela Dairy, Patna Dairy, Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd., Jayshree Chemicals Ltd., Bihar Caustic & Chemicals Ltd., Consolidated Fibers & Chemicals Ltd., West Assam Milk Producers Federation Ltd., Rasoi Vanaspati Ltd., Sikkim Vanaspati Ltd., Kusum Products Ltd., Vegetable Products Ltd., Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd., Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., Hindustan Ice & Cold Storage Ltd. National Plywood Industries Ltd., Hotel Raj Mahal, Hotel Chanakya, and number of Cold Storage and Ice Plants.

We also have in our credit to EXPORT our Spare Parts to :

Germany, Italy, Australia, UK, South Africa, Greece, Netherlands, Kuwait, Egypt, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Philippines, Chilly, Zimbabwe, Zamica, Nigeria, Croatia, Tunisia, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Uruguay, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh even Sri Lanka Navy & Qatar Navy.

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Mobile No. : 0091 9831030199
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