Summit Engineering Corporation is proud to serve the nation and the world for the 28 years by manufacturing & exporting the OEM Spare Parts for Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Compressors parts, Plants & Machinery.
Welcome to Summit Engineering Corporation
It is an immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the Engineers specialized in the fields of Commercial Air conditioning and Industrial Refrigeration Systems and Air Conditioning Systems serving The Nation & The World for the last 28 years.

We Manufacture, Supply and Export Replacement Spare Parts for Grasso, Sabroe, Carrier, Carlyle, York, Trane, Mycom, Gram, Stal, Vilter, Daikin, Kirloskar, Voltas and Bock makes of Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Compressors.

We are giving below our Range of Products for the Spare Parts we supply & Export.


GRASSO : RC-11 - RC-12 (Single Stage & Two Stage), RC-9, KA, AC-70, SAC-70, AC-80 SERIES.
SABROE : SMC-65, SMC-100, SMC-104S to SMC-SMC 116S, SMC-104L to SMC-116L, SMC=104E to SMC-116E, TSMC (S & L), CMO and PKO SERIES.
CARRIER : 5F, 5H, 5H-46 to 5H-126, 06D and 06E SERIES.
YORK : J (E short stroke and F long stroke) & V/W SERIES
VILTER : BMC & VMC Series.
GRAM : HC - HCL 6 100 & 8 100, HC-HCL 2075 - 4075 - 6075 & HCT 8125
MYCOM : 'A' 'B' & 'W' Series
DAIKIN : 55 (4C to 6C and 3HC to 6HC), 75 ( 4C to 8C and 4C 75L to 8C 75L ) SERIES.
COPELAND : D6RJ 4000 FSM 6R Series 4CC 75, 6CC 75 4RH1-2500-FSD-200 6RJ1-4000-FSD-200
BITZER : 'G' Series

In this connection we wish to high light that many of these Compressors like Grasso, Sabroe, Carrier, York, Trane, Stal, Vilter, Copeland, Kirloskar, Voltas & Frick makes of Air-Conditioning & Ammonia Refrigeration Compressors which are Manufactured in India in Partnership COLLABORATION with THE PRINCIPAL MANUFACTURERS for the last 30 years and therefore I supply only OEM'S Spare Parts with the same Dimensions & Material Compositions for that they look alike and perform alike too.

We also Manufacture and Export Many Equipments, Plants, Machineries and undertake variety of Projects which are appended below for your kind perusal.

a. Block Ice Plants ranging from 5 Tons to 50 Tons in one Unit.
b. Skid mounted Tube Ice Plants multiple from 10 Tons to 100 Tons.
c. Skid mounted Flake Ice Plants of 5 Tons per day, 10 Tons per day to 100 Tons per day.
d. Complete Pre Fabricated Cold Storage Plants.
e. Blast Freezers for all kinds of Fish, Meat & Vegetable Processing Plants.
f. India made Grasso(Kirloskar), Sabroe, Vilter & Copeland Compressors.
g. Ammonia Evaporative Condensers.
h. Ammonia - Freon Shell & Tube type Condensers, Chillers.
i. Cooling Towers

WE ALSO EXPORT INDIA MADE "GRASSO" & "SABROE" & "VILTER" Compressors and we have so far exported more than 100 Compressors.

It might be a Pleasure for you to know that The Proprietor of this Organization started his Carrier as an Apprentice with an International Pioneer Organization in the Fields of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration M/s York India Ltd. in their Heavy Maintenance Division.

After completing his Apprenticeship He had the Opportunity to join "KIRLOSKAR GROUP" who Manufactures many Industrial Equipments including World Famous GRASSO Ammonia Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Compressors.

The Proprietor of this Company Served Kirloskar Group for 18 years (1968 - 1986) initially as junior Service Engineer and Finally was Promoted to Manager Sales & Services for the entire Eastern India.

The Proprietor started his own Organization in the year of 1986 and since then had the Opportunity to serve many Corporate Organizations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dunlop India Ltd., ICI India Ltd.,Brooke Bond India Ltd., Hindustan Lever Ltd., Kwality Ice Cream, Indian Explosives Ltd. even Reserve Bank of India, All India Radio, Bokaro Steel Plant, Hindustan Paper corporation Ltd., Defense, Hotel Raj Mahal, Hotel Chanyaka, and many other Reputed & Well Known Organizations like many Edible Oil Industries, Breweries, Dairies, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries, and numbers of Cold Storages, Ice Plants.

We are also Exporting all of our Products specially spare parts to many Countries like UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Greece, Egypt, China, Singapore, Philippines, Norway, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Israel, Chile, Netherlands, Malaysia, Uganda, Uruguay, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh, Iran, Qatar, Dammam, Croatia, Tunisia, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and even Srilanka Navy, Qatar Navy and to many other Countries throughout the World.

We have so far Exported 7 Ice Plants to Saudi Arabia.

Thank you Sir for visiting this site and hope you will find all of our Products Interesting and now look forward to developing a pleasant business Relation with you and your Loving Country through your Excellency.
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